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1 comments | miércoles, octubre 18, 2006

how important is the music in our lifes? how the MP3 has modified our way to do the daily things like travel, walk, work, studi, etc?

Well that question is very obvious, but the easy way to get music makes us more addicted to it. and maybe, for a stranges reasons, we cant stop to get more... anyway exist many ways to get music, but when i listen music throught Last.fm (see earlier post) i have found many good bands and my brain can't store all that names and i can't tie that bands with others with similar sound.

Live plasma is an option. It is a new way to get music (or movies) recomendation throught a nice system, who communicated bands with other similar and link them, so you can find a music map, which you can find new interest. Very cool and ad hock with this times, because we dont have many time to find what we like and what we want to know. We are more stricted with our tastes day by day.


Blogger T&S contextual said...

que onda tu blog rolo??...

se puso profecionalmente fome

y yo que rayaba con tus gif de caricaturas pixeladas.

well.. es la vida no mas.

igual lo leo.

12:05 a. m.


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