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4 comments | jueves, octubre 19, 2006

Cheiro, a new system of comunication development for the MIT, it is a research about a new kinds of chats.

"People use text to communicate in online spaces because of its directness and ease of use. However, we are unable to convey many social cues and communication nuances by text. Our question is how to enhance the richness and expressiveness of text, so that we can have an expressive and intuitive online environment for textual communication".

This could be a opportunity to find new ways to communicate in chats, because this concept can give us a communication with greater emotion and approach a virtual image with that we talked, much more near.


Anonymous igna said...

this is cool, many times i've had problems because the words don't express everything that i mean in chats, there is also needed an entonation...

8:19 p. m.

Blogger poccio said...

se que son distintos, pero me gusto mas liveplasma

12:42 p. m.

Anonymous Anónimo said...

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